Selected Publications

Research Projects

The Inner Court and Politics in the Han Empire

This book-length project examines the inner court and its roles in the politics of the Han dynasty (202 BC–220 AD) from the angles of space, gender and family, social networks, institution, and the comparative study of empires.

Han Officials’ Geographic Mobility

This project aims at mapping the geographic mobility of officials in the Han in GIS platforms to enable analysis of officials’ career patterns, geographical networks, and interactions among different regions in the Han empire.

Zhouwen Characters Database

Zhòuwén 籀文, or Zhòu graphs, are ancient Chinese characters named after the Shi zhou pian. Extant characters of Zhouwen are mostly preserved in Xu Shen’s Shuo wen jie zi. This database includes all the existing Zhòu graphs and their corresponding scripts from different periods and regions of early China.

Digital Empires Project

The Digital Empires Project is a collaborative effort between historians and computer scientists across institutions. This ongoing project aims at building a website of structured biographical data and social network analysis of the Western Han and Eastern Han. It will also contribute to the text mining of non-Western and non-alphabet writing systems that are underserved in digital humanities. It has received support from the University of Notre Dame.